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They’re going to make a scary movie if it’s the last thing they do

Aaron is a filmmaker driven to break into the film biz by producing an “enhanced documentary” starring a local abandoned house.  It was once a home/clinic inhabited by an eccentric doctor and his twin daughters, all of whom lived strange lives and came to tragic ends that have become more horrific in legend over the many years since.

With his friends Jill, Dillon, and Claire as his crew, Aaron’s plan is to document any strange activities during an overnight stay in the house.

But the house has its own ideas. The reality is worse than legend; some secrets are better left buried.

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Congratulations Dead Half Crew!

We had a near capacity crowd in the theater for the viewing party. Cast, crew, family and friends came and enjoyed the first viewing of a movie that has been in editing for over 6 months.

Special thanks to Ben and Stacey Dixon for making it a special night.

For many, it was the first time they would meet other cast members.



Thank You Full Moon Cineplex!

  • Great Crowd
  • Movie Poster Signings!
  • Wonderful Venue
  • Fun Time for ALL!



“This is part of the payoff for all the hard work that was put into this project. ”



David Van Hooser

Writer / Director




WDKN Radio!
  • Some of us were on “The Power Lunch with Chris Norman” today
  • David Van Hooser, and Johnna McCarthy discuss the creative process, and the challenges of shooting
  • It was lots of fun!

img_1461David faces some tough questions!Johnna waits her turn

As of Nov 1st

Pushing forward

Well, we missed our early deadline to get something out before Halloween, but things are going well. After about a million audio fixes, the movie is on the way to our music composer.

Jeff Martin is a well known musician composer in the area, and has helped me in the past with some of my shorts. He has a nice talent and style range that can add an additional layer to emotionally charge a scene.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for this. He is full of surprises!

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 Jeff in his Kingdom

After Jeff is done, there will some more fixes, both audio and video, but then we will have a movie!

Claire unlocks the dark secrets of the past

jill infirmeri ws

Jill in the infirmary.

The Stanilestri House


The sunken crypt

aaron entry1

Aaron enters.